🎨 3 Tips for choosing the PERFECT yarn color

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🎨 3 Tips for choosing the PERFECT yarn color

Playing with color is one of the reasons we love to knit.

The kaledescope of hues, shades, and color tones is enough to brighten anyone's day.

But just because you like the way a color looks in the skien doesn't mean it's going to look great on you.

So how do you pick colors that will make you look amazing?

Today we're going to cover three tips to help you choose colors that highlight your uniqueness.

First we need to discuss a little color science. πŸ€“

Color Me Beautiful

Back in 1987, a woman named Carole Jackson wrote a book about the concept of Seasonal Color Analysis. The idea is your eye, hair, and skin color can determine what colors will compliment you best.

This led to a bevy of "color consultants" becoming trained in the art of helping (mostly women) find their color season.

For example: if you have dark hair, light eyes and blue undertones to your skin you might be a light winter.

There is some debate as to whether this is based on science or is just subjective, but there does seem to be *something* to it.

Still, those who have gone through the color analysis process can feel limited by a strict color palette.

So how do you find colors that look great AND make you feel good?

Here's a three step process to set you in the right direction:

Step 1: What are your colors?

Whether you believe in Color Analysis or not, it can be a helpful tool as a starting point.

There are many quizzes and even some apps that can help you determine what your color profile might be. The main drawback of these options is they often rely on photos that are not taken in ideal lighting conditions.

The best way to get an accurate color analysis is by working with a trained professional. They will have the ability to see variations in skin tone, eye color, hair, and other factors that you may not be able to.

BUT, we're just looking for a general starting point so using an app will work fine.

Step 2: What is your personality?

If you didn't know, you are more than just your looks. 🀯

There's life behind those eyes and how you see the world also informs how the world sees you.

That means that if you live life boldly you might prefer bright, saturated colors. Whereas someone more quiet might enjoy softer, subdued colors that aren't as intense.

Your color choices say a lot about who you are, so don't hold back.

Step 3: What is your style?

There's more to yarn than just color. And most yarns are not just one solid color.

There's luster, spinning method, and texture to consider, amongst other things .

Your personal style could be fun and quirky like the Knit Collage yarn on the left.

It could be sophisticated and luxurious like the MadelineTosh yarn in the middle.

Or it could be more rustic and natural like the Brooklyn Tweed yarn on the right.

Putting it all together

Once you have a color palette, your yarn "personality", and an idea of your style you'll be able to hone in on yarns that work well for you.

Does that mean you should only knit with those yarns?

Of course not.

Do whatever makes you happy!

That's the only thing that matters in the end. πŸ˜‰


If you want more help understanding yarn color, dye methods, and even how color theory can help you pick great yarn combinations, then check out our YARN 102 class.

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So there you have it.

A three part method for choosin

But what do you think?

Have you knit with pima cotton?

What was your experience?

Hit reply and share your experience with us!

We'd love to hear your feedback. 😊



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Daily Stitch

Two-Color Linen Stitch

The linen stitch is a classic knitting texture, using slipped stitches to create a woven looking fabric.

This variation uses multiple colors to take things to another level.

Whether you use black and white, or some other interesting color combo, this stitch is sure to turn heads.


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Pattern Pick

Woven Wonder Throw by Jessica Potasz

This stunning blanket has the look of an intricate heirloom woven throw but uses a super simple knitting pattern!

There is no need to cut and weave in ends for color changes with this project.

It features a light, soft fabric that’s great for the warmer months, and it works beautifully as an eye-catching accent throw.



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